Clock In & Out of ACL

You will not receive hours if you forget to Clock In or Out. You are responsible for your hours!

This is important so it is repeated.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR HOURS! To check your total lab hours, go to the following link and log in as you would a lab computer. The total will show in minutes and you will need to divide by 60 to get your hours.

Be aware of your total hours BEFORE the drop deadline.

ATTENTION: Starting fall 2013 you may clock in the ACL if another class cancels or dismisses early; however, the overlapping minutes WILL NOT count towards your lab hours needed to pass the class.

NOTE: You must clock out whenever you exit the lab - for whatever reason. Likewise, you must clock in when entering or re-entering the lab. No exceptions. You may lose time if the staff has to clock you out.


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